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爱情qq英文网名【Empathy 心灵相通】



auricle 心房

Hot kiss 热吻

Believe 释怀°

Non fish 子非鱼

Guard you 佑你

Each other 彼此

Empathy 心灵相通

On my way 在路上

Reunited 重遇

one's wife 枕边人

Mr.simple 简单先生

Side by side 并肩

First love 初爱

Beckoning 心动

Wedding dress 婚纱裙

Pan Acacia 泛相思

So be it 诚心所愿

Heading south 南行记

Time lover 时间恋人

Heart of shame 心殇

Walk together 一起走

Eyebrow bend 眉弯

A happy ending喜剧收尾

And I often in 与我常在

Half a lifetime 半生

As you start 为你掌灯

Mail a hug 邮一个拥抱

Love to grow 相恋到白头

new sweetheart 老相好

Inside of me 骨子里的我

Release the naive 释放天

Meet in the future 未来

light up the sky 照亮天空

the sea of time 时间之海

Safe and sound 安然无恙

Care and miss 顾与念

Unbridled smile 放荡不羁的笑容

You are the most precious 你最珍贵

Attend to what you need 顾你所需

Forget to reserve 忘了矜持

Blame you too beautiful 怪你过分美丽

If ,as shown signs. 若如初见

Write down our story 记下我们的故事

Kiss your wound 吻过你的伤口

If you heat the snow 你如热雪

Ten years is not far from 十年不远

South into the string 南风入弦

You like the north wind 你似北风

Greying at the temples 两鬓斑白